Find a SNES Classic in Stock on Black Friday 2017

Nintendo has officially announced that the SNES Classic will be available for pre-order. Nintendo said in a Facebook post that the SNES Classic will be available for pre-order by various retailers late August.

The big question is now what “late this month” means. It’s about time to start to raise your awareness level. I4U News predicts that the SNES Classic will be available for pre-order last week of August, but you never know. The NES Classic was available for pre-order on August 15 last year at Target.

The SNES Classic might adopt the same date. There is no way of knowing yet when the SNES Classic will be available for pre-order. I4U NEws also does not know if any of the retailers will announce beforehand when the Super NES Classic Edition will be available for pre-order.

We recommend using several ways to get notified when the SNES Classic is available for pre-order. Every time a SNES Classic pre-order opportunity arises, you want to be bombarded with notifications and alerts. We recommend to not rely on a single SNES Classic tracking solution.

We developed and operate The Tracker app, designed to catch and alert users about the SNES Classic pre-orders. The mobile inventory tracking app successfully informed its users successfully about the infamous Walmart SNES Classic pre-sale last month.

So far the SNES Classic is listed at these stores:



Best Buy



B&H Photo

GameStop (placeholder page)

To come out on top of these issues and risks I recommend to diversify how you get notified and informed about the SNES Classic availability. Here are the best services and tools to create a robust setup.

Download the free The Tracker app

I recommend of course to use our free The Tracker app. I have come up with this app after covering Black Friday and Holiday shopping seasons for years. My idea was to create an easy to use tool that enables everyone to find and buy hard to find products online. The Tracker app is now almost three months old, and we continually work to improve it.

The Tracker app is available for free on iOS and Android. You can find the app in the app store with searching for just for “i4u”.

After launching the app and enabling notifications, tap “Notify me” checkmark on the products you want to receive notifications when in stock or available for pre-order at any of the supported online shops.

Subscribe to NowInStock Google Groups

Based on the more than 150,000 comments posted on the SNES Classic page on NowInStock, this online inventory tracker is the most popular. To get alerts in time, NowInStock advice is to subscribe to their Google Groups SNES Classic alerts. Visit the SNES Classic Google Groups and hit the Join group button. You need to have Gmail account for this.

After joining the group you want to setup mobile alerts, by setting up forwarding in Gmail. You can find the instructions for this here.

Use Zoolert Desktop alerts

To diversify further, use the Zoolert inventory tracking service in your browser. Enable the audio alert on their SNES Classic page while you are in front of your computer for work or while playing video games.

Follow Wario64 on Twitter

Besides getting alerted when an actual SNES Classic pre-sale is happening, you also want to know about any announcements of upcoming sales. The video deals Twitter account @Wario64 has excellent track record of alerting followers of availability in a very timely manner.

Use alerts from retailers

Many people received an alert email from Walmart in time to pre-order the SNES Classic. This worked surprisingly well. In most cases the alerts from online shops including amazon arrive too late or are not sent at all. This happens especially when inventory is limited. It is though an easy way to add another channel of inventory alerts to your setup. Here you find the pages to sign-up for SNES Classic email alerts on walmart (currently not available), best buygamestop and amazon.

Stay up to date on SNES Classic News

I like to end the list of recommended ways to track the SNES Classic with our extensive coverage of all things SNES Classic. Stay informed with everything going on related the the Super NES Classic. Follow @I4UNEWS on Twitter.

Install Shopping apps

Once the rubber hits the road, you want to have the fastest way to purchase the SNES Classic. In most cases the retailer’s shopping apps are quicker through the purchase process and are less likely to get stuck. Shopping apps are available for Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and even GameStop has one. Just search the app stores on your smartphone to install each of them. Make sure you log into each app and make sure your shipping and payment information is configured and correct.

If you have another tip to share about how to track down the SNES Classic, please share in comments below

The SNES Classic Edition will be released on September 29 for $79.99. Nintendo promised that there will be more SNES Classic units than there have been NES Classic consoles. The SNES Classic will only be available until the end of 2017. Read the latest SNES Classic updates.

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