HDR 4K TV Black Friday 2016 Deals

HDR (High Dynamic Range) TVs just got a big push. Sony released a firmware update for the Sony PS4 to support HDR. All Sony PS4 console can now display video games with HDR support and video content with HDR information, like available through Netflix 4K.

TV makers found a new feature to sell you a new TV and this time its not a fad like 3D was. HDR is here to stay and brings major improvements to picture quality.

It worth pointing out that HDR is still very new. It is the second year HDR TVs are available and the specs for the technology are still a moving target. The range in quality of HDR implementation varies quite a bit.

The most basic advice is to get a 2016 4K TV model. Last year’s models are likely not offer the latest on HDR. Another quick indicator if the TV you are considering is a great HDR display is to look for the Ultra HD Premium logo. The UHD Alliance has created that a HDR certification to make it easy for consumers to know if a TV is supporting HDR fully. In technical terms the Ultra HD Premium logo means that TV meets standards of the likes of HDR10 (color depth based on 10-bit signal), peak brightness/black level combination of at least 1000 nits peak brightness and less than 0.05 nits black level, and display more than 90% of P3 colors in the BT.2020 color representation (Wide Color Gamut).

Not all TV brands are in the UHD Alliance. TVs can support high quality HDR, without the logo, but it is harder to find out. Especially bargain HDR TVs will likely lack the Ultra HD Premium logo.

Refer to the 4K HDR TV Guide for the PS4 Pro to find a list of high-end HDR TVs and this HDR TV Guide for the PS4 featuring bargain HDR TVs.

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