Cyber Monday 2015 Takes Over

Most retailers have revealed Cyber Monday 2015 plans ahead of Black Friday. As in the past Cyber Monday deals are complementary to Black Friday deals. a majority of Black Friday deals will also be offered on Cyber Monday at the same price points. This is true for most fixed TV deals including the Samsung and LG Black Friday deals.

Also back will be the $299.99 Sony PS4 and Xbox One bundle deals. “Back” is maybe the wrong expression as Cyber Monday is seamlessly taking over from Black Friday. Retailers including Walmart and Amazon kick off Cyber Week on Saturday after Black Friday. On Sunday the main Cyber Monday events launch.

The announced Cyber Monday deals are no reason to skip Black Friday. The deals have a different quality and the most obvious deals missing are the extremely discounted TVs and laptops advertised for Black Friday. 

The Walmart Cyber Monday 2015 sale begins at 8pm ET and the ToysRUs Cyber Monday 2015 sale already kicks off at 8am ET. Amazon is expected to begin Cyber Monday 2015 right after midnight Pacific.

We have flocked together the Cyber Monday 2015 deals announced so far. We will again provide Cyber deals tracker for the Cyber Monday sales events that keep you updated on best available deals.

The hottest Cyber Monday deals revealed so far is the $799 LG 65UF6450 4K ULTRA HD SMART TV in the Walmart Cyber Monday sale. This deal is the lowest price by far seen for the LG 65UF6450. You get a lot of TV for $800.

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When is Cyber Monday 2015? Officially Cyber Monday 2015 is on Nov. 30. Walmart and Amazon kicked off on Saturday the Cyber Week 2015 sales events, offering the first cyber deals of the year. The full Cyber Monday 2015 sales will already launch on Sunday, with Walmart specifically calling out 8pm ET as start time. ToysRUs Cyber Monday 2015 sale already kicks off at 8am ET. Amazon is expected to begin Cyber Monday 2015 right after midnight Pacific.

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Walmart will have all announced Cyber Monday 2015 deals on sale on Sunday at 8pm ET. Missing the launch, will mean missing the best Walmart Cyber Monday deals.

Find all advertised Cyber Monday 2015 Sales and the list of Best Cyber Monday 2015 Deals.

Cyber deals are less about insane deals, like Black Friday is. Cyber Monday is all about online sales. The stores are not part usually of Cyber Monday. There are myriads of deals at considerable discounts on vast range of items. The best discounts can be found on mid-range and high-end goods. Several retailer have announced sitewide discounts in the range of 15% to 20%. These sitewide deals are sometimes stackable, creating deep discounts.

Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day have reached combined online sales volume of $4.45 billion, with $2.72 billion on Black Friday and $1.73 billion on Thanksgiving Day. Cyber Monday sales reached $2.64 billion last year. Cyber Monday 2015 is set to grow as Black Friday 2015 did. The extension of Cyber Monday to a 2-Day event will spur the growth.

The Cyber Week 2015 sales have started right after Black Friday on Saturday, Nov. 28. Most shops are going extend Cyber Monday into a Cyber Week.

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