Will there be iPad Pro Demand from Consumers?

Apple announced the all-new iPad Pro, featuring a 12.9-inch Retina display with 5.6 million pixels and the new 64-bit A9X chip in September. The iPad Pro is thin and light and provides all-day battery life. Apple will start selling the iPad Pro in November.

Will there be a shortage of the new iPad Pro at launch? Digitimes reports from Asian supply chain that Apple has orderd 2.5 million iPad Pro units for 2015. With iPad sales down again last quarter by 19.5%, Apple is well advised to be conservative about the iPad Pro. The key question for the iPad Pro sales are if consumers and not just professionals want the iPad Pro. 

If consumers want a larger iPad as they did the largest iPhone, than the demand will outstrip supply this holiday season. The iPad Pro is expensive. It starts at $799 and the pencil is an extra $99. If consumers decide that it is a must have, this price will not stop them.

The iPad Pro is the fastest iOS device and added several enhancements not found on the iPad Air 2. While the iPad Air and iPad mini will be offered at steep discounts in Black Friday sales, the iPad Pro will not be on sale anywhere.

The target market of the iPad Pro are professionals that use the large tablet for their job. With Apple fans are are though unpredictable when Apple launches an all-new product.



It is expected that the iPad Pro will go on sale towards the end of November. Likely though still before Black Friday, November 27. Apple just launched this week the new Apple TV.

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