Windows 10 Laptops sell for under $200 ahead of Black Friday 2015

Laptop deals are among the most popular in Black Friday sales. Especially the traditional Black Friday Laptop deal was a draw for consumers over the past years. Fully equipped, but low performing laptops have been advertised in Black Friday ads for as low as $159

Since last year there are new Windows laptop that have a similar architecture as the Google Chromebook that are more popular than the classic bargain laptop. Laptops like the HP Stream run on an Intel Atom or Celeron CPU and have 32GB of SSD storage. These laptops are design to be always connected and use the cloud for storage. They lack a CD drive and the vast local storage offered by HDDs. Their price is though already below $200 without Black Friday.

These new low-end Windows laptops are portable and perform well enough for everyday tasks.

The HP Stream with 11.6-inch screen sells on Amazon for $179. This last year’s model still comes with Windows 8, but can be upgraded to Windows 10 for free.

Best Buy offers a brand-new Lenovo Windows 10 laptop for $199.99. The Lenovo IdeaPad 100s features a 11.6-inch screen, 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD and Intel Atom CPU.

Staples advertised in their Black Friday ad last year a $99.99 Windows Laptop deal. This was the lowest priced laptop on Black Friday last year by a big margin. With prices already below $200, we expect several Black Friday laptop deals under $100.

Microsoft and its hardware partners will collaborate to sell as many Windows 10 computer this fall as possible. Windows 10 deals will not just be available in the low-end bracket but also in mid and high-end segments. 

There will be Google Chromebook deals on Black Friday 2015 that will likely drop to under $100 as well. Chromebooks are available right now for as low as $149.

We see though more opportunities to save big on Windows 10 laptops on Black Friday 2015. It is the first Holiday shopping season for Windows 10 and Microsoft needs a big success.

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