Top Android smartphone deals for Black Friday 2014

Android smartphones are looking to have a big boost in sales this year for Black Friday. Android apps are certainly looking to be a big seller this year but smartphones themselves are looking to prove large as well. Google’s operating system for smartphones and tablets is becoming more and more popular by the day and for anyone who is looking for a top notch mobile operating system, Android is certainly a good way to go.

Amazon is offering over $130 worth of free apps for Black Friday 2014. Amazon also has their new Fire Phone that is an Android for $199. Radio Shack has the Motorola Moto E for half price at $49.99. EBay is certainly a very good place to check for Black Friday Android deals. One example is a Samsung Galaxy S5 with an off contract for $449.99. These are just a small view of some of the top Android deals for Black Friday. The Amazon Fire Phone is one though that has been getting major hype and early sales this year. This is the very first venture into the smartphone industry and they are already topping the sales of the Nexus 5 that was a big seller during Black Friday 2013. Another great benefit to the Amazon Fire Phone is that you get a one year membership to Amazon Prime and you will also get free shipping with your order. All major retailers will certainly have their share of Android deals as well for Black Friday 2014.

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